Media Rhythm 4: ReveNEW Concepts & Ideas

Stratagem Media Pvt. Ltd, has successfully conducted its 4th edition of its training program, titled ‘ReveNEW Concepts – The Media Rhythm series and Ideas- on July 21 in Mumbai. The workshop was attended by 30 participants from 8 media companies, with an average experience of 7 years. Participants coming from companies like The Times of India, The Hindu, Malayala Manorama, Eenadu, Amar Ujala, MY FM, Mathrubhumi & Dainik Bhaskar.

Among the speakers were Mr Sundeep Nagpal, Founder Director of Stratagem Media Pvt. Ltd, Mr Suresh Balakrishna, CEO-Brand Programming Network under Lintas Media Group; Mr Bharat Kapadia- Chairman, Whatuwant Solutions and Mr Madan Sanglikar, a digital media expert and CEO- AD2C

Mr. Sundeep Nagpal: Bending backwards, with ease

Mr. Sundeep Nagpal, the first speaker of the day, delved on ‘Bending back with ease’ wherein he said that instead of selling many things at one time, there has to be some clarity and certainty of what is being sold and only then the expectations of the clients can be met.

While giving clarity on what is being sold a process evolved on how advertising leads to sales and then elucidate the technical aspect of how frequency could become an integral selling point for some media. He also pointed out that it is very important to know the client’s business or product: “If you are managing client expectations, you must also know the client’s needs. When you do consultative selling, you can reduce the discount selling.”

He concluded with thought provoking idea that you can always refuse a business instead of selling lower than what you deserve.

Mr Suresh Balakrishnan : Customizing media usage for brand communication

Mr Suresh Balakrishna kick-started his session by playing a one minute trailer of the film ‘Rocket Singh, Salesman of the Year’ as an example of how one should and can sell his brand to the consumer. He spoke about getting your communication objective right, while media objective will easily follow the suit as the client is more focused on communication objective; with this he said “You need to create a connect between communication objective and media solution. It is important to understand the communication objective of the client, his needs and aspirations as well. You must, therefore, involve your clients and listen more to what your client wants.”

Bharat Kapadia : Innovision

Bharat Kapadia’s module began with a motivation video of a Sixty year old blind Mr. Miles Hilton Barber and his thirst for adventure. With this he stated the importance of motivation in an individual and the need for ‘innovision’- a combination of innovation and vision.

He focused on four crucial points for innovation: Uniqueness, Impact, Achieving the goal and Sustainability. The module was mainly about how to think completely out-of-the box, and develop relevant innovative ideas for the brand by using media in an ingenious manner. This also involved a fairly lengthy group exercise. They show-cased and amplified this dimension of creative thinking in media sales, with striking case studies of media usage. Participants got an insight into how to create brand value with limited resources and yet offer more than just ad space/ time; that’s something they don’t do on their day to day basis. The most relevant & innovative group of participants were awarded.

He concluded: “There is no dearth of money in the market because it is all about a good idea. If you come up with a good idea, then the client will also shell out the money required for that idea. A good idea can even bring new advertisers.”

Madan Sanglikar : Teleporting to 2015

Madan Sanglikar, CEO of AD2C – a mobile communications company, shared his 9 dimensions of digital medium emphasizing the growth of digital and the implication of that growth to other medium and the brands.

On the future of print media: “Print will be the biggest beneficial from the digital growth among the media categories. Dailies and magazines will get a new lease of life and static and AV (Audio Visual) formats of content and ads will co-exist.”

On the future of television, Mr Sanglikar said that the television experience will get better, a lot of which will be gesture controlled. Online video format will merge with television; it will create an explosion of online and on-demand videos.

Talking about the gaming market, he stated that it is expected to grow to Rs3,100 crore by 2015 and there will be a shift of gaming from bedroom to living room, wherein it becomes a family entertainment medium.

Mr Sanglikar gave the example of a local bakery in London that used Twitter to attract customers to their bakery as an instance of how social media can be used for enhancing the business. He said that very soon there will be no emails as corporate social network will see huge growth

Participants Feedback

Ms Zeenat from Eenadu said: “The workshop was definitely helpful for us as it helps us with new ideas. After being in the industry for a long time, you tend to get a rigid mindset but, when we attend such forums where so many different issues are discussed, it refreshes our thoughts and allows us to think differently. The session on digital will probably help us in our work in digital.”

A Times of India participant said: “It was a good way of looking at certain things and even on media selling. All in all it was a good and interactive session. There have been some good learning and takeaways too. I would also be taking some of the takeaways from these sessions to my clients.”

Mr Soham Khimani from Malayala Manorama said: “The sessions were really wonderful and the speakers too were good. There was lot of creativity in the session which is very important in media sales today.”

Mr Mathews, Mathrubhumi said: “Overall, the workshop was good. It is very relevant to today’s scenario, It helpful for my day to day business.”

Stratagem Media, which conducts this Media RHYTHM series, has been in the media sales training space for more than 15 years. It has, under its belt, a plethora of customized and open programs on a variety of issues that media sellers are faced with. It has built a formidable set of resources in the area of training for media sales teams, and by now, Stratagem has trained more than 3000 ad sales people of all types of media houses, over the last 15 years.

Stratagem Media began as a media planning hub for medium-sized ad agencies in the early 90’s and somewhere along the mid-90’s, it morphed into a media services company mainly in the area of ad sales.

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