Media Planning - at Stratagem Media is largely based on analytical techniques which are applied to media research data that the company subscribes to. These data sources include
a) audience measurement research studies
b) competitive brand activity
on TV, Print & Radio

The emphasis, at Stratagem Media, has always been on media strategy

  • focusing on the right target audience
  • setting the right targets (noise levels) for the media activity of the brand,
  • prioritizing markets,
  • formulating the media mix, and
basically deriving the best bang-for-the-buck !

All this, is then garnished with a customized & relevant creative use of media for the brand, based on consumer insights.

Media Buying - Having been in the business for more than 2 decades, Stratagem Media has succeeded in deriving the best negotiated rates for its clients, simply by virtue of enjoying a healthy reputation and rapport with almost every frontline media company. In this context, Stratagem’s experiences with the joint venture of 7 ad agencies, in the mid-90’s has proven to be extremely useful.

Media releases – This involves the entire gamut of paper-work required to effectively execute the media plan.

Performance measurement – This involves the analysis of the campaign delivery and is undertaken both, during (periodically) as well as, at the end of any burst.

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