Over the years, Stratagem Media has garnered vast and varied experiences under each of its divisions. For its media strategy / planning & buying division, Stratagem Media has worked with both, big and med-sized companies & brands across categories. Under its media services division, Stratagem Media has serviced most of larger most reputed Print Publishing houses as well as Television networks, by providing them ad sales support services and strategic analytical inputs. And lastly, under its training division, Stratagem Media has trained approximately 1800 media professionals over the last 23 years, mainly in the area of ad sales.

Planning & Buying

Stratagem Media has been fortunate indeed – to work with a whole lot of business which are owner-driven. This has meant that these business owners have been enthusiastic enough to get involved personally and deeply, into the whole aspect of deriving better value from their ad spends. And that has spurred us on, not just to deliver better, but to also explain & justify every choice that we make in the media plan and even educate clients about the technicalities involved in this decision making process. And this indeed works well.

Media Marketing

Media Training

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