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Stratagem Media began as a media planning hub for medium-sized ad agencies in the early 90’s and somewhere along the middle of the last decade itself, it morphed into a media services company mainly in the area of ad sales. Stratagem Media, is led by Mr. Sundeep Nagpal and has been in the training space for more than 15 years. Hitherto, almost all training programs organized by Stratagem have been mainly conducted by Mr. Nagpal himself.

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Stratagem Media has under its belt, a plethora of customized and open programs on a variety of issues that media sellers are faced with. It has built a formidable set of resources in the area of training for media sales teams, and by now, Stratagem has trained more than 3000 ad sales people over the last 15 years from reputed media houses.

RHYTHM is an acronym for
Realizing Higher Yields thru’ Talent Harvesting in Media.
The purpose of the program was to enable participants to channelize the thought processes that govern modern day practices in media selling. Mr. Nagpal believes that such open programs are useful for companies who wish to develop talent & knowledge base of select personnel in their sales departments.

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